I Did It


I DID IT is a movement to bring out the hidden volunteer in everybody and motivate them to do something good for the community.

When we do something good for others the experience and the feeling is simply out of this world. Doing something good can be as simple as planting a tree or as big as rescuing a child labor.We want  people to experience the joy of giving, it’s a feeling we vibha volunteers have been experiencing for the past so many years.

Let’s come together and do something good for the community and motivate people around us to do the same.


Be a part of the movement and Spread the Word -

  • Click a photo of a good deed you have done
  • Post on our FB page https://www.facebook.com/VibhaIDidIt and tag atleast 5 of your friends or family members challenging them to do something good for the community

All posts should go with # I_DID_IT

Your friend should do the similar activity of taking a pic, posting on our FB page and challenging their friends. And this way the chain continues……..

Donations -

You can also support us by donating to vibha so that we can continue doing the good work for many more years to come - https://secure.vibha.org/donations/india/new/


Volunteer with us to be a part of the amazing journey and help us bring smile on 10k faces.