Vibha Delhi

About Us

The Vibha Delhi Action Center was initiated in December 2012 with the first orientation session for volunteers in Delhi on the 15th of December 2012. Our partner project in Delhi, Jan Madhyam hosted the meeting and provided us space to hold our meeting.

Ron Victor, President – Vibha, and Dipika Gupta, the then Manager-Resource Mobilization, came in for this meeting to introduce Vibha’s work to volunteers at this meeting.

The focus of this meetings was to not only introduce Vibha’s work but create a spirit of volunteerism - to hear from participants what kind of support they could give to Vibha and her partner organizations.

The meeting was well attended by volunteers, staff from the two partner projects from Delhi and also representative from Sage Publications.

The outcome was that a group of volunteers came together and drew up an action plan for events in Delhi. In the absence of a Coordinator in the initial stage, mentoring was provided by Deep Rai through monthly meetings and conference calls when it was not possible to meet in person.

A lull in activities as volunteer numbers dropped – volunteers are all young, just into career moves and unfortunately for us our most active volunteers migrated out of the city to new places and new jobs.

From September 2014, the volunteer base is increasing and by the end of this year we hope that momentum will build up. There are plans for a Vibha event – introduction to community at large and we are working on a joint event with Vibha Bangalore. This is still at conceptual stage.

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How can you help us in our mission?

You can join as a volunteer, participate in our events, donate or help us spread the word by talking to your network of friends and family about Vibha, the cause of underprivileged children as well as our event. Would you like to SIGN UP as a Vibha Volunteer?