Hands On Volunteering


Vibha volunteers in India are the eyes, ears and hands of Vibha. Enabling Vibha volunteers to take up Hands-on-Volunteering (HoV) will be a step forward in Vibha's mission. While satisfying the urge of a large number of volunteers to make a positive difference to society, HoV will also bring them closer to the projects they are making this difference to.

It is also a step for Vibha to come closer to the projects it is supporting. HoV will also help in providing Vibha volunteers substantial experience in the field of social work.


  • Provide an opportunity to interested volunteers to work at a grass-roots level in an organized manner.
  • Get more volunteers to experience the vision and mission of Vibha in an enjoyable manner.
  • Assist Vibha supported projects in accomplishing their goals more efficiently.
  • Benefit projects (supported and unsupported) from specialized skill sets or interests of volunteers.
  • Improve Vibha's networking in India.
  • Develop trust between Vibha and supported projects.
  • Improve Vibha volunteers' experience in monitoring/assessing projects.
  • Bring out a message to society at large that with enough participation and resources, we can change the lives of underprivileged children.

HoV is not an obligation by the projects whom Vibha is supporting. It is a matter of mutual benefit and satisfaction.

For more information, please view the presentation here.