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Vibha Michigan Committee
Action Center Coordinators -- Shweta Kaushal
Volunteer Relations Coordinator -- Chiranth Srinivasan
Events Lead -- Asha Sharjahan
IT Lead -- Open Position
Publicity Lead -- Open Position
Welcome our new volunteers - Sonali Bhutani and Dhiren Chauhan

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If you would like to join to support the cause, you can:

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About Volunteers

Shweta Kaushal
Shweta has Masters in Computer  Application and works at Capgemini. She is ACC for Vibha Michigan chapter .
 She worked as CRY volunteer in India. She believes in Educated youth can change and transform the society and Vibha’s mission to educate,empower and enable underprivileged children can catalyze that change making strong foundation for our society.
she wants to be participate in the movement as a Vibha Volunteer. Shweta thinks,Vibha gave  platform to her  in Detroit to contribute towards our core values thus giving her an opportunity to serve.
Be the change you want to see in the world  
Asha Shajahan, M.D., M.H.S.A
Asha possess an interest in health disparities which has led her to work for the United States Senate at the Office of Carl Levin and also the Office of Governor Jennifer Granholm to augment healthcare access for the uninsured in Detroit. She has volunteered at several underserved health clinics and has provided prenatal care to pregnant teens. As an avid volunteer for Angela Hospice, Asha is dedicated to educating physicians about palliative and hospice care.
Additionally, Asha has successfully organized a variety of charity events for different organizations including a September 11th Disaster Relief Event, service trips to homeless shelters, cultural shows for the American Red Cross, and helped organize the first fundraising event for Vibha’s Michigan Chapter.
Asha has a degree in Health Services Administration and a Medical Doctorate. She is currently an Assistant Clinical Professor at Oakland University’s Beaumont School of Medicine and is working as a Primary Care Physician with Beaumont Health System. Her hobbies include reading, dancing, yoga and bollyfit.Asha has been inspired to volunteer by her mother. She has continued her service to children through education and healthcare.
 Chiranth Srinivasan
I have a Doctorate degree in chemical engineering at the University of Oklahoma and I currently work for Simerics Inc. I am of the opinion that a positive influence in the form a good education or a learned teacher, can alter your path in life and lead you to a better living and self. It is important to contribute in any way possible to educate the young kids to brighten their future and the countries, therein. I like to spend my time and effort for such causes. I also take pleasure in playing tennis and football. 
"I am waiting for a rain that will wash away everything all boundaries on the map and in the mind."
road trip to conference raunak
Raunak Chaudhary
Vibrant personality ,who brings the group together .
He has masters in Automobile Engg and  works for Ford motor company .
Anuja Deo
Anuja  began volunteering with Vibha in March 2013. She believes that all children are precious, and it is our responsibility to ensure every child has access to health services and education. Anuja has an MBA in health administration and enjoys running, baking, and spending time with her friends and family.