Our Leads

Hetal D Patel--ACC
"Multidisciplinary background! I have an undergrad in Biochemistry and am currently working as a Research Assistant at BSOM. Where work on Ischemia re-perfusion injury in Diabetes. Looking at the function and role of mitochondria in diabetes heart. Another component of my work is Cell culture. While in the lab we constantly work on finding the cure for diabetes, i also spend time in filling prescriptions at Pharmacy as my second profession. Along with professional aptitude, i enjoy outdoor activities, such as hiking, running, yoga, swimming..ect, music, spending time with friends and family. Love adventure and am always on a adventure. "
Niyati Desai--ACC
Nishant Sawant -- Volunteer Relations Coordinator & CFC Lead
Aastha Naik -- Volunteer Relations Coordinator
Mayur M-Raleigh IT Lead
Mayur Mahadeshwar-- IT 

I am a working professional living in Morrisville NC.

Finished masters from Texas A & M, College Station and moved here in 2012.

Proud Aggie Fan. My day job is at SAS working within the Data Management practice there

and helping clients build analytic systems. On weekends I like to explore the outdoors, play a bit of soccer and read books.

Also a fan of film festivals and foreign cinema.


Neelam Nasarpuri -- IT
Prashanti--Vibha Youth Lead
prajit pillai
Prajit Pillai -- Public Relation Lead
" I have a Ph.D. in Biochemistry with expertise in developing projects that target biomarker discovery in Cancer and pre-clinical evaluation of novel therapeutic agents. I have effective training and mentoring skills with 5 years of teaching experience. I believe that the biggest investment we can make for our future is to uplift and educate children. It is this belief that inspired me join the cause of Vibha. "
Shraddha Desai -- Finance Lead
Sai Priyanka Kodam -- Booth Lead