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Past Events

February 2013:
Vibha volunteers participated in the Annual Fund Raiser event of Jan Madhyam, one of Vibha’s partner projects in Delhi who work with children with disabilities. This is an annual event that is held in the first week of February at the residence of the Australian Ambassador. Vibha volunteers spent the whole day helping out at the Jan Madhyam booths at the main entrance and various stalls.

August 2013:
Independence Day celebrations at Alamb, Vibha partner in Delhi who works for education of children from the slum areas. Several volunteers spent a great morning with about 150 children from the different education centers run by Alamb. Sage Publications provided gift packs for all the children.

November 2013:
Fun day with children from Jan Madhyam. Jan Madhyam works with children with disabilities. Volunteers spent a wonderful afternoon and evening with children from Jan Madhyam, with music, dancing, singing and lots of fun games. A small gift for each child brought lots of excitement and smiles to their faces.

February 2014:
Yet another annual Fund Raiser with Jan Madhyam. A day well spent in helping out at Jan Madhyam’s booth and raising awareness about Vibha and Jan Madhyam.

June/July 2014:
Delhi volunteers joined hands with Shikshaprapt Movement to collect books for children from poor families who cannot afford to buy new text books. The Book Drive was a huge success and a huge lot of books was collected for distribution.